ARGH!!!! Computers REALLY don't like me today....

I am trying to get about 2500 songs(in itunes) from a 2 or 3 year old mac powerbook g4 to a dell latitude, which are connected on the same network. Both firewalls are turned off, and I've followed all the directions listed on, but once I press "connect" on the mac, it tries for a minute, and then says "an error has occured...error -36".

I really know practically nothing about macs, so this has been really difficult. I've tried burning a portion of the songs on a dvd-r, but for some reason, it always spits the dvd out right before verification. Does anyone know ANY way to make the connection or the DVD work?? If not, are any of those file sharing programs like limewire or whatever legal for sending songs to one of your own computers??

Thanks for reading!!

yes limewire will let you send files over the same network and it even plugs into itunes so if you have limewire and itunes on at the same time you can listen to the other computers songs. there are also programs like mytunes or ourtunes (something like that search around you can find them) that let you download peoples songs from itunes if the computers are on the same network (college people use it all the time cuz the networks are massive and it is harder to track than regular p2p). About the dvd i dont really know much about burning on macs but if they make a mac version of nero i would try that and i think there is a setting that does not verify dvd content. But if you are getting an error that says the files are not verified than one of the files is probably corrupted.