Can anyone recommend software , free if possible, so that I could access a friends computer and use remote control to use the computer as if I was siting in front of it. Also to copy and transfer files and folders. Does the remote computer have to be turned on to do this? Does the remote computer have to have the software installed as well?

Personally I like Team Viewer. It is free for personal use and has the ability to transfer files between systems without a purchase. GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are good but if I remember correctly you have to buy them to transfer files or connect to the remote HD.
As far as "Does the computer need to be turned on to take control?" You will be able to access the same hardware and applications that you normally can when the system is POWERED OFF. (i.e. NONE) Sorry about that, but think about it logically.

Yes you have to install software on both systems to make the connection. The trick now a days is to get to the computer through all of the firewalls and routers that are set up by your service provider. Current software like logmein, team viewer and GOtomypc piggy back in through your web browser to get access to the system.

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have you ever heard of "TeamViewer"?

Team Viewer is a good free option for remote access. I install it (with permission) on customers computers and it saves a lot of call outs to fix trivial matters. It also has a chat function so you can explain to the remote user what you are doing.

Logmein is a great program, but rc1231 is right, there is no file transfer option with the free version. Logmein's greatest feature is that it groups all of your computers almost as if they are on your LAN. The Pro version, which supports file transfer, is rather expensive, between $45 and $69 per computer, per year.

I recommend using both; the free logmein for remote control and Team Viewer for file transfers.

Hope this helps

i m new here and don't have much knowledge but i suggest for this purpose u will have to go to this site and register urself and download a tiny software on the pc that u want to take control of and after downloading u have to install it on that pc and once login the software and that's all and now u can access that computer anywhere in the world u just need an internet connection and go to and just login and if that pc is on u can see that in ur webpage and can access it as if u were there


Myivo charges for the service if you want file transfer. Free version that you get a 30 day trial on does not include file transfer or sharing per their site.