I'll give you a little back ground info....

I have a pc which is connected to the internet directly from my ntl set top box to the ethernet connector on the back of my pc.

Now i have bought a new pc and a wireless broadband router when i try to install the router onto the first computer, without having a cable from the router to my pc i cant get onto the internet to access the router ip. i read something about setting the computer settings to the same channel as the router so it can get the internet. How do i do this? Non of my computers are picking up the router without cables.
I was told my computers have the hardware for receiving the signals from the router but i cannot find any details of this in my network connection!

Please Help!
Thanks in advance!


What OS are you running?

If this is XP then right click My Network Places the goto through the "Wireless Network Wizard"

Also LinkSys has a defualt setup of for you to hit and configure the router make sure your SSID is setup and that the PC has the same SSID typcially it can scan and find ANY available network but safest bet is to just put it in.

Also I don't know if you plan on using WEP or not but it is a good idea and this too has to match on both sides.