Okay, I have been having problems with sending email from my gmail account.

I get notices back from mailer-daemon (their "postman") saying that somebody's mail account couldn't be found or whatnot. I don't know what the jargon means.

None of my outgoing messages are being processed and they're all coming back.

I went on their user boards and read that the server has been having issues and that (without the people knowing the precise problem) "your issue is going to be resolved soon, gmail is working on it."

I thought for a minute and decided to unearth my hotmail account. I logged in, (waded through the spam stuffed inbox :eek: ), and then hit compose.

I entered another hotmail account name and wrote a short test message. Viola! It comes back as an error. Same thing as gmail, cannot be delievered.

I'm far from a complete "n00b" and I realized that it's probably the firewall on my network. I took one look at the advanced firewall options and realized I was in over my head.

I need some help.

Stats on my comp/network:

Comcast DSL line in --> Linksys wireless-G router

From there I have:

1. A Windows system (XP home) hardlined from the router (mother's computer and she doesn't have problems).

2. My computer, a Mac G5 (OS X 10.3), wireless from the router.

I can't recite the "vital stats" of my network, I stumbled through it blindly setting up the network in the first place, but I haven't been having any issues so far.

Please help!

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First of all, it's important to know the exact error message. Are you trying to send the message using the gmail website? If so, then it probably has nothing to do with your firewall.

Also note that an undeliverable is always sent by the recipient, not by gmail.

Whoa...I forgot I put this up here.

I already took care of it myself after an hour or so of tinkering.

Case closed.

- SOup

No problems with that :)

Maybe it's useful to explain what your solution was?

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