OK let me start off by explaining the situation, we have a email address that is connected to a company server (Where all the emails pass through before they reach us) and I would like to know if it is possible to delete the emails off the server (or at least hold them to stop them from reaching us) without us even knowing about it.

I've tried to look on the internet but can't seem to find the answers I am looking for. And I am unsure if this should even be posted here but any help or answers would be greatly appreciated.


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All emails servers will hold the mail until a client connects to it and pulls the mail or otherwise reads the mail list.

If you don't want to receive mail, just don't let you client connect to the mail server....?? Not really sure what you are trying to accomplish....


Is it possible for the company to delete the emails or read them without us knowing?
EDIT: From the server that is

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Most often, yes they can. Unless you are doing some sort of Smime or other type of encryption on the mail body.


Thank you a lot for the help. One last question, is it possible to retrieve the email or delete it from the servers (so they will not be able to read it) before they get to it?


If you are not the admin, then the answer is probably no. This depends alot on the setup of the mail solution though.

The only 100% way to not have them read it is end to end encryption using email certs or an encrypted attachment.


Ah.. Okay, makes sense. Thank you a lot for the information, it really helped.

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