I am interested in understanding a little about how Automated Teller Machines communicated "fault alerts" back to central control departments.

What I know so far is that ATM's have senors that can be triggered should say a cash jam occur. So a 'fault message' is first created locally and is then communicated accross the network back to some sort of monitoring software system such as 'Gasper'.

Would such a fault message be coded as XML and then interpreted by the monitoring software. Or would the fault message be stored in a lower level in a IP packet payload, especially if it were a legacy system?

Any info in this area would be of great interest to me. Thanks

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I think no body will help you on this question . it is for to avoid bank robberies.

You obviously did not understand the question correctly I should have explained more. I have since found out everything I need to know about the subject, no great mystery really!

Although maybe it is to you haha

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Hi Javalan.

I am Dennis. I am interested in knowing where you got the information regarding ATM monitoring. Can you share with me please?


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