dear sir/madam
actually i would like to build a network of 15 to 25 what is the requirement could u plz tell me.

which server is suitable for me.
which switch should i purchase.
and all the necessrary deatils will u plzzzzzzz tell ma.

with regards:

ranjit singh

Well, you need to be more specific in your request if you ever want anybody to help you. There is a lot of variety of server, each one playing a specific role, so unless we know or have an idea about what you are going to use it for we can't advice anyone, if you are looking at administering your users a simple Microsoft active directory server will do, there is plenty other option out there, and if you are looking at sharing your file you can use an FTP server and so on... Need to be more specific. For the switch any kind of switch be a Linksys, US Robotics or any variant can do, but if you want more advance features such as VLAN management, monitoring tools... you can decide to go for a cisco switch, a 2950 or 3600 series will do, from the way of thing you will probably need a router too, you can go for a dedicated cisco router or use the linksys solution which provide both routing and switching and even wireless all in one box, but it's not very scalable.
Hope this help you, if you need more you need to be specific.

I agree with M Buzuzima , u need to be specific in your requirements . Mainly for a small network you need a switch . I think 3600 series would do fine . It would give u a layer 3 service too .

For server you need to specify what amount of data u need to handle and services ou require . I need to mention you might need a Firewall for sure to prevent unauthorized access and also an antivirus server.

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