ok I need to help a friend recover a lost file and im going to use VNC to reach that computer so i can see the problem my self.

now do i get started...
Do we both need VNC
were do i type the ip address etc

im on Mac OS 10.4.2
the one i want to control is on windows 98

i need the other computers ip address were do i type it how do i connect / get the ohter computer to reconize me.

I have Chicke of the VNC on my mac.

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I suggest the 98 box get a 3.x version of VNC (I use TightVNC at home, RealVNC for work stuff) and set it to run in server mode (remember to undo this later) and set a password. The 4.x versions do have a lot more options but that does make 3.'s easier to configure.

If you are on the same lan (or both are attached directly to the internet without a router) you can enter the other IP and supply the password and you should be all set.

If either of you are being NAT'd you will need to punch holes in firewalls and setup inbound access rules, etc, etc. In which case my gut reaction would be to look at gotomypc.com or netmeeting or ? else.

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