I am a final year student and I am planning to do a project "Wireless Connectivity Prepaid". Pls help me on how to configure lynksys wrt54g to redirect to my log.in site.

Our proposed project is to limit the time of the registered user to use the internet and it will automatically cut off if the remaining time balance is 0hr 0min 0sec. The program allows the admin to add time for a particular user to used the internet.Right now, i still don't have the idea on how to start my project so i need your help here.

Your valuable time is highly appreciated to help me.

Here is my e-add for you to help me or post it here.


I think you will need to install a custom made firmware on the router to accomplish this.

Firmware?? I Saw A Video About The Flimware On Youtube It Is So Complicated That My Eyes Could Pop Out After I See The Video

Yes, it can get complicated if you are doing something wrong, it can turn your router into a brick. (doorstopper)

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