The Wireless-G Has A Website Which Allows You To Change The Name Of The Router And Creating A Password.. So If We Have A Wireless-N Router , What Website Will It Be?? It Is According To Our Ip Address???

The Wireless-G Website Site Is :

So What About The Wireless-N??? And If We Log On to The Page , They Would Ask For The Pass And User.. Could You Just State There The Username And The Password So That I Would Be Able To Acess....

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This is what you must do:

Connect the router to your desktop/laptop computer via ethernet cable.

Once your computer is connected to the router, you can access it.

The default address to access it is: (you put this in your browser and hit enter)

The default username and password for the router to access above address is:

Username: <leave this blank, do not type anything there>
Password: admin

Once you accessed the router interface, first of all, please change the default username and password, to something only tou know.

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Oh! So It's Different! So Thanks! They Ploblem Is Solved

Glad it worked out for you, please mark this thread as solved.

May I Ask How Do We Mark This As Solved? I Have Ploblems Nowadays

Just look for the button "mark as solved" or "solved" at the bottom of the thread, and click on it.

But Kraai , Must I Plug In The Enthernet Cable To My Wireless-N Router So That I Could Go To The Webpage To Change The Settings?

Yes, my answer was based on the Linksys Cisco E1000 Router, it has 4 ethernet ports to connect a cable from your computer, and your computer, must have a network card installed to connect from.

Just to make something clear for you to understand. You do not realy visit a "website" when you access the router as described, you actually accessing the inside of your router, and that is presented to you in your browser as a "website" with the only difference, that only you can access it when your computer is connected to the router, and nobody else.

Kraai Do You Know How To Combine Multiple Networks Into One??? I Saw This Thread And I Want To Help Him...

If you mean, you want to combine two or more routers to use the same internet access point, the answer is yes, I know how to do that, but you must start a new thread with this question.

If you mean, that you want to combine two or more Internet connections (ISP's) to increse the bandwidth for a single computer, the answer is no, I do not know how to do that, and I don't think it can be done... not yet!

I leave the username blank and put "admin" in the password field but it keeps going back to the username filed. How do I overcome this to access my router interface.

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