Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and quite new to the IT on a bit more serious level.

I decided to set up a wireless connection at home in order to have wi-fi on my iPhone. No problem with that after some time spent, I settled it up. However, after I checked up the possibilities that wi-fi can offer some additional questions occurred. I share with my father the same internet connection, however he has a notebook and he is using it at home occasionally, mostly I am the one who is using the internet. When I was a total noob who only played games, I called technicians from my ISP to settle my connection. So they gave us 2 different IP addresses, and the main is in my father's room. Instead of modem I have a switch, and as I understood 3 cables: the internet cable, cable to my pc, cable to my father's notebook also we are paying additionally to our ISP for the second IP address, but after I checked the wi-fi possibilities, I think there is no need to pay a fee to ISP, since I can simply put on a wireless network my father's notebook which is used at home occasionally.
Another thing is that the wireless router works only when I have plugged it to the switch, if I plug it directly to my PC it does not set the internet connection. As I understood the switch serves as a modem in this case. So to sum it up, can you please give me advice – what would be the best solution in my case. Currently, I think I have to change the switch to a modem.

I am using:

switch: Repotec rp-1708k
wireless router: Belkin f5d7234-4-H V5
direct connection type: cable

Thank you in advance.

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hi, i would elimate the switch,just hook the wirelless router to the isp provided modem ,then ,wire it to your fathers computer ,,hook the wire that goes to fathers computer from the modem to the wan port of the wirless router ,then run a cable from wireless router to you dad computer ,you should be fine as long as your dads room isn't to far away ,if the wireless router is latest wireless N type you should be fine ,we hook to ours from about 600 ft across the roard at mothers house from time to time

im on a cable hook up , three wireless laptops ,modem and wireless router is just on the floor behind a chair not hooked to any computer ,we do not pay anything for extra ip address

Thank you very much! : )

your welcome

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