hi i really want to turn my 1tb seagate external hard drive and my 500g seagate hard drive (both formatted to fat32 because I also run a ps3) into network accessible drives , but i need to do this as cheap as possible as I am a full time carer to my wife who is disabled and we don't have a huge amount of money , the most I can spend is £50 so any ideas would be very helpful thanks.....neil

Re: cheap networking 80 80

To access your ps3 on a network, have a look at THIS link.

If you are finding problems with the connection, have a look at THIS link.

To make your drives accessible, on your pc, do the following -

Right-click on the drive in My Computer, click Properties, click the Sharing tab, and select "Share this folder". Click "New Share" and type a name (ie "SharedDrive"). Click "Permissions" and select "Allow" for all 3 boxes. Click OK. Now, click the Security tab, and make sure that Everyone has full control (so people will actually be able to put files on it). If you don't see a "Security" tab, click Tools > Folder Options, click View, and uncheck "Use simple file sharing". In order to use it as a network drive, each user will need to map it.

Re: cheap networking 80 80

i dont have a problem with the ps3 , the situation is that i want to basically turn my two hard drives into a network storage device ie nas or something like that without the expense , at the moment i have the 1tb plugged direct into the ps3 and the 500g in my bedroom with other stuff on but i want to be able to stream to my laptop in the bedroom without using the ps3 to do it , i have seen a few converters online but they all seem too expensive

Re: cheap networking 80 80

Do you want to go wireless or cable. Cable is more reliable....

Re: cheap networking 80 80

it needs to be wirelss , i am running an d link N router with virgin 50meg broadband , one hardwired tower pc , one hard wired asus all in one pc and two wireless laptops along with the ps3 , the reason for my query is when my wife is too ill to get out of bed i can plug my hd laptop into the hdmi tv in the bedroom and she can use that to watch films on and she has to lay totally flat the tv is mounted on the ceiling

Re: cheap networking 80 80

I would personally use the HardWired pc as the server. Let everything connect from there.

You would still need a wireless switch to get everything connected. These can be obtained from as little as $35.00

Do you know how to set up the basics?

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