Hi guys, I'm at wit's end with this problem that I have with my computer.

Recently we purchased 50 meters of cable to add another node to our home network. I connected the cable to our router (and I checked that the arrangement of the colors of the individual cables are the same as the existing ones) and when I connected my computer, it comes up with unidentified network. ip address = 169

When I connect the computer to the older cables that we have leading to the router, it works perfectly. Other computers on different ports work. Do I need to do something with the router page, etc when I connect a new cable?

I've checked google and done:

1. Uninstalled/reinstalled ethernet driver
2. Connected to different ports
3. netsh winsock reset on an elevated cmd prompt
4. changed from static ip to dynamic and vice versa
5. cable was tested at the store, it passed the cable tester thing, although idk, could the cable have been damaged? it went around the house

none worked. T_T

OS: 7 Ultimate, laptop: MSI EX460, router: edimax

Many thanks in advance!

50 meters is a very long cable, and you might have problems with internal resistance in the wires.

Usually, I wouldn't use cables longer than 15-20 meters, with home equipment.
If possible, I suggest you get a switch, and plug it in halfway - using 2 25m cables instead - then the switch will act as a repeater (signal booster).