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Which of the following statements is true?

A. A serving program must be installed on the client computer.

B. A computer may have more than one serving program installed on it.

C. You must reinstall the serving program each time you access the server.

D. E-mail does not require a serving program.

please tell me if u know


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Which of the following answers is true?

A. Try doing your own homework rather than expecting others to do it for you

B. With a little bit of effort, Google might provide the answer

C. You probably could have found out in the same amount of time it took to post this same thing across various Internet forums

D. Nobody at DaniWeb is going to tell you

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That is a funny one happygeek?

i think that for wingmark questions A, B for question D i am not too sure. Maybe you should ask happyggek, after all He's The Daddy

wingmark, normally i'd tell you, but this is common sense. use your brain. where did you think you were posting, anyway?

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