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I have a cisco router 881, this is the platform and version C880DATA-UNIVERSALK9-M, Version 15.0(1)M4. My problem is that anytime the WAN interface on this router goes down, either due to a power failure or the cable that connect to the interface is disconnected, you have to manually go into the router wan interface configuration mode and issue the no keepalive command before the interface is brought up back. Is anyone here can explain why this is happening and how I can go about it? Is there anyway to automate the no keepalive command so that the command is issue periodically after a period of time or when an event such as the interface status change state to down. Thank you.

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How about saving running-config to NVRAM? If it goes away when the interface goes down, I would be inclined to say that it's not a problem with saving to startup-config, but it might fix the restart issue. It would also help diagnose the problem to know whether or not this helps.

Have you followed orwell84 advice, give it a try first

Thank orwell84, I've done that several time before. The issue is when you issue the show run command under the int fa4, you can clearly see the no keepalive command there, and when you show ip int br you can also see the interface status is up and the protocol too, but the link will not come until you actually go back under the interface conf mode to issue the no keepalive again. I start to believe that this must be a Cisco IOS bug, that is particular to this platform, the 881 platform. I first thought this problem has to do with my router, but another client bought the same type of router and he also has to go through the same step every time his WAN interface goes down.

Are there any thread you are encountering problem with or any interesting threads. I am sure orwell and me would be interested. Thanks

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