Im trying to hook up my playstation 2 to my wireless router and I dont think I have it hooked up right. I have a LinkSys wireless B router and game adaptor. The way I have it hooked up is.....Ethernet from Linksys game adaptor plugged into PS2...
I am not sure how to get my modem hooked up with my router...Like what wires go where...LOL..I had it hooked up a whileago and now cant remember how it goes. I tried something last night and I keep getting an error on the Playstation that says.....DNAS error-612. Check network connection and/or configuration. I dont think I had it hooked up right...Any help is much appreciated.....
Thanks in advance
Also how do I know what channel to put the Linksys adaptor on...Thanks again

Your using the official sony network adapter right?

This is what I done: Have a router near my PS2, stuck an ethernet cable between the PS2 and router. Thats all.

You need to make sure your router is plugged into your phone socket aswell, to get the internet duh.

Whats difficult about that?

Oh and about the channel, put it on the same channel as your main router. Check what channel your main router is on by typeing in your routers IP adress into the Internet Explorer browsers address bar, this will take you to your routers setup page. The channel its on will be somewhere in there.