Morning, i have 2 computer (1 is laptop and other is
Desktop pc) at home and i have internet, but while i
have internet in my Desktop pc if i connect the other
computer ( laptop ) on network, i lost the sign everytime :@ i do that, so i don't know this keep happening. I have Dial up connection with one modem and one switch. Please help me guys!!!:yawn:

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Explain your set up a bit mor clearly.

1. You have dial-up connected to your pc (the main connection) ?

2. Your laptop is then connected to your pc via cable,and access the internet via your pc. ?

Is that how your set up is?

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Well, you can try using an eternet cable to connect to your dektop pc, and connect to your laptop by using wireless. Do you mean you lose the signal and only one computer can access the pc at the same time. Answer kraai answer first. Hi kraai

Hello jingda I do not think the poster is wireless as he stated he has dial-up modem and switch.

Stop posting stuff that are not helpful to the poster

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Hi kraai, did you know what he post he posted po** link, i have also reported him to the moderator. What happen to the most, was it deleted. I was glad that it was deleted. Leodown 2 may not be a first timer here, he may have more than one account and maybe all post some retarted stuff. Better watch out. Bye Kraai

Hi kraai, did you know what he post he posted po** link,

Hehe, you must be carefull clicking on spammer's links....

OK, back to the topic, maybe the Original Poster of this thread will come and update us on his problem

Yeah, maybe he has been busy recently, without updates on his progress we are unable to solve his problems

dial up connection always having this kind of problem.. Best way to get rid of this kind of network problem is , " take broad band connection than this going to help lot..

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thank you guys for trying help-me but i keep have the same problem.

I have dial-up connection!

my laptop is then connected to modem via cable,

The pc is conneted to switch, and this switvh is connect to modem,

and when i connect the laptop i lost the just.

It looks like your network is not properly set up. Your setup should look like this:

1. Desktop computer is main access point, and connected to the dial up modum.

2. Switch connected to modem.

3. Laptop connected to switch.


1. Desktop connected to modem.

2. Laptop connected to desktop via cable switch.

Things to keep in mind:

Both computers must be set up as a network, with file sharing. Different ip numbers

The main access point (desktop pc) must be on for laptop to be able to share the internet.

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Er, kraai do you mean different IP address. Enable file sharing, check if both computer firewall are on to block connection, if yes turn it off, check is any security software is hindering the problem. I check my computer. My desktop pc is connected to the modem while my laptop is connected to the modem via the ethernet cable. I don't know if this is your case.

thanks, i solved that problem, i turn off the
firewall, and now it is working...i m not sure if it is firewall was
the problem, but more important it is solved.... thank all
of you from help!!!!!

i connect two (*PC&*Laptop) i configured ip addresses on both but when i ping from pc to laptop replies r come but when i ping laptop to pc error come as "request time out' i try to solve it but invain.plz help me solve my problem so i networked my pcs without hub. my aim is to sharing print and movies

sisco3750. Please start a new thread in the forum networking then we will help you solved your problem. Good luck toydiaz, any more problem PM me. I have already send you a friend request hope you can accept.

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