Hi everyone

Am new to this so please bear with me

I noticed this project suggestion the sit. I really find it interesting as I am about to work on a project titled Embedded VPNs. The idea of the project is almost the same as the one suggested. I was wondering if anyone can help me with any details on how to go about a project such as this, (ie, maybe how the project proposal would look like and maybe step on how to tackle the project).

I am really stuck on how to go about this project so please help if you can.

Below is the project I saw.


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Hi Vinayak,
As a matter of fact,i do,have'nt yet decided how to work on it,its titled ,'VPN user Authentication in a heterogenous networking environment' this basically deals with comparison between IPsec and SSL based on Linux and Windows taking into account,Active directory,Kerberos and Tacacs+
see if ya like it.
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waaaaaaa that didn't make alot of sence.. are you trying to write a comparision between ssl and ipsec? or make a program that have a vpn client imbedded... or am i missing the point enteirly?

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