okay, here is a puzzlement that i hope someone can help me with.

I have a wifi router that works. it communicates great with my desktop computer in another room.

I have an HP dv1432 us laptop, 6 years old, its wifi works fine with the neighbor's wifi signal and all hotel and airport wifi signals.

but i can't get this laptop to get wifi internet thru this, my own router.

it used to work fine. in Win XP it looks like it is connected, but while it sends a lot of packets very few are being received.

I tried shutting off zonealarm, no help. I tried changing the password and the channels, no help either. it's 4 feet away. transmitting b and g. yes, i enable the wifi button on the laptop.

i currently have an ethernet cable coming out of the wifi router into my laptop, works great. just no wireless connection.

any insight on troubleshooting this would be MOST appreciated!! i am tethered!

thanks, best, justin

fyi the internet wiring setup is a rcn wire into a d-link dcm-202 modem, that runs a wire to a vonage phone router, and that outputs to a netgear wgr614 v6 wifi router. hard wired works great. i see the router's wifi, it seems to hook up, then nothing.

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Common problem but some cases need different solutions.You said it work fine with other network but not your network. So the problem is either with your network or your laptop network settings.

1) Reset your router
2) Can your neighbour laptops connect to your network by wireless.
3) Turn off your firewall and disable any security softwares that may block the internt connection
4) Try and reconnect again. This time at various location around your house. Try putting it near your modem and next far away see whether it can pick up any signal. A faint signal or a slow one is already a good sign.

So your problem now is this laptop cannot connect to your modem but using an ethernet cable it can. Can other laptops you use at home, connect to the same network via wireless?

Can it even connect to the network. I mean if can your laptop connect to your network but cannot go online as there is no internet access. There is a big difference here. Can connect to network but cannot access internet is different from cannot connect to network. If your laptop can connect to the netwok but there is no internet access, go to your wireless preference there and check whether the ip address shown there match your house network ip address.

Please check your router settings, if it is enabled for wireless transmission.

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