I have two computers hooked up to my new modem. The new computer (win7) uses windows Live Mail and my old computer (win 98) uses Outlook express. If I have only my new computer on it receives the mail as it comes. When I start up my old computer it receives all the mail that has been sent since I last started it. If I do not start it for a while you can imagine all the mail. To me this does not make sense as I get everything twice. However if I do the opposite and have only my old computer on it receives all mail but when I go and start up new one it only gets mail that comes after I start up.. Is there someway to configure it the other way. Does not make sense to me as I thought once the mail had been sent it is gone from Bigpond server and I cannot get it again. Hope someone can help or explain what is happening. Regards

As I'm sure you know, win98 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so Windows Live Mail is not availale for it. You could set up a gmail account and forward your Windows Live Mail there. You would need them use gmail on both machines.
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Do I need to setup gmail on both machines ? and does this mean I would only get the one message on what ever machine I am on ?
Thanks again

No, you set up gmail once. It is accessed through your web browser. Changes made on one mchine will be reflected on the other since nothing is stored on your computers.

Thanks once again I will mark as soved