I have a problem when it comes to my plan for a thesis defense.

though the PHP scripts are now ready... I wonder if I can access a loclahost from other computer in an intranet.

Plan of the Problem:

Computer A is the client computer of Computer B and Computer C. Computer B is the hosting server (or the menu) while Computer C is the hosting server of the payment process in transacted Computer B. Computer A will go through the payment process in Computer C. Computer C will now Communicate with Computer B (Server to server communication) thru XML

Original Agenda of the Problem:

There's a system called online ordering system of a certain bookstore company. this company lend us some sample books. This books are the menu books. Now, A client is now accessing the page for window shopping. If a Customer wants to buy a book and has bank accounts that is accredited by PAYPAL <---( the company has a Paypal Account already given to us ), such as visa. Then if the customer paid thru Paypal, then paypal will give a notification thru email that a certain product of their company is now ready for delivery and it is now paid by the customer.

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  1. Your hosting server needs to be running a webserver, hopefully runing on port 80. If not, just make a note of the port.
  2. Get the ipaddress of the hosting server.
  3. If there is a firewall running on the hosting server, make sure that you open that port.
  4. Goto the client's browser and enter the IP address of the hosting server, followed by a colon and the port number if it is not port 80 (i.e.

As long as you are all on the same local network you should be able to connect the webserver. If you cannot connect, disable the firewall on the server for a moment and try again. This will tell you if you opened the wrong port, or if there is some additional security on the network.

You can always create your own cheapo network using a switch or router to eliminate the network as an issue.

may I know why should I able to have a webhost in this kind of a problem?

In order to process PHP pages you need to run an HTTP server of some sort. It really does not have to be a separate PC as the browser acts like a client when connecting to the local HTTP Server via local host.

I also do not know why you need a separate server for running payment processing. You probably would want this in the real world, but for a proof of concept (like a thesis) you could also run this on the same PC.

I guess your configuration not only provides proof of concept but also that you are able to properly configure and address the connections between the servers.


In addition to that, you can use a virtual environment as well. So no need to use several machines. Just use a Virtual Infrastructure like Virtual PC (All Windows Clients), or HyperV (if you have a server 2008) or VMWare.
You have to use a web browser such as Apache or IIS. You have to use additional ports if you run more than one site (say you use a different site for payments). It has to use an SSl port for security (443 is the default).

Note: Without a Web Hosting Server (Web Server), you cannot run a website. You will be able to browse pages but PHP or ASP or other server side scripts require a web server to run.


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