I have a Netgear Wireless ADSL2 + Modem Router; Model DGN1000. I have BSNL broadband connection at home. I recently switched over to the new Netgear modem as the modem provided by BSNL crashed.

The issue now is that I am able to connect to all websites except yahoo. Could someone let me know the issue around it.

I have checked the Netgear router manager, and have all the settings right. Checked if yahoo is blocked in the router manager; it's not blocked.

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Does using other network allow you to connect to yahoo. Is parental control blocking the site or any other softwares? How about checking the proxy server?

yes - I have a Tata photon connection. That allows me to use all websites.

Can you connect to yahoo through using the IP address. It might be a DNS problem. To connect to yahoo via its IP address. Just ping to yahoo.com. YOu will see a few numbers that is its IP address. What windows version are you using?

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