If I want to understand how does internet work,all about networking and network security,whichbooks are best to read?please refer me to good books only.
thank you

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OReilly makes the best books on just about any computer topic.

O'Reilly - Designing Large-Scale LANs
O'Reilly - Network Security Assessment 2nd Edition Nov 2007
O'Reilly - TCP IP Network Administration
O'Reilly - Internet Core Protocols The Definitive Guide
O'Reilly - TCP IP Network Administration 3rd Edition
O'Reilly - The Network Administration Guide

And more.....

omg.Can anyone suggest me only about two books?like 1 book for tcp/ip one for security ? :/

Computer Networks (4th Edition ) by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, ISBN-10: 0130661023 is a good Advance Book for Networking,

Network Security Fundamentals, ISBN-10: 1587051672 is a Good Network Security Book from CISCO.

TCP/IP for Dummies, ISBN-10: 0470450606

Thanks Nuwan!niyamai!

Agreed, Tannenbaum's books are best. Boring, but good. Its a course textbook for me,

Ive got third edition. The newest (5th?) edition covers wifi and stuff, gets rid of some obsolete stuff

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