I just bought a dynex cable/DSL (DX-E401) router and am trying to hook another computer up to the internet with it. I have DSL but on my DSL modem there is only one ethernet port and two phone jack type things. now the router looks to have only all ethernet ports. My question is, how do I hook this thing up? Or can I even hook it up? Thanks.

Simple: Both your computers should be plugged in ports 1 and 2 with Straight RJ-45 wires. Your modem's ethernet cable should be plugged in the internet dedicated port.

no go, I think I did what you said, but im not for sure. Could you clarify, im not good with this networking stuff, as you can tell.

- Make sure your network wires are not cross over wires used to connect two PCs directly together
- plug one wire's end to a PC, then the other end to the first port on the router
- plug the other wire's end to the other PC, then the other end to the second port on the router
- you should have another network wire to connect the modem to the router, connect it from your modem to the Internet/Broadband/DSL port on the router (Dont know how dynex calls it)
-after everything is connected properly and powered, there should be some steps/instructions to follow for the network to work, refer to your user's manual

Everything should be explained in it and might have some visual diagrams.