I recently bought a Vps.
I want to know how i create DNS / Child servers for my domain.
Sorry i m new in server world so i think little thing for someone.


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if you want to add domain then go to create account and create it as per your requirement and go to cpanel of that account and add subdomain as per your requirement.
hope this is useful for you

thanks for reply.

I want to 1 DNS/nameservers for all my domains.
I created NS but when i am going to assign it to my domains
I got this error " {ns2=NameServer ns1.mydomain.com is not a valid Nameserver, ns1=NameServer ns2.mydomain.com is not a valid Nameserver}
I dont know how to fix it.

Please help me :(


are you using centos or something else?


and you are using whm isn't it ok then just wait i also using centos so i am trying it myself and post soon hope you can wait.

M using WHM but i cant understand and i was done some googling but not found any solution for my problem. :(

so you installed all the packages of centos or it was already ready system if i am able to know that then it help

Packages mean.?

Sorry as i said m new in servers world so...:(

ok then i think you are new for linux too......... centos is linux and all the application in linux are said packages so if you are new for linux then don't hesitate to tell me i will help you certainly.

Thn help me na :(
I m hosted my sites on Vps but u dont find DNS / nameservers for it.

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