Hello Everyone,

I have a home business network with a PC and two laptops. It would be helpful to use the Wake on LAN feature to boot my PC from my laptop (useful when I'm in the field adand n convenient when I'm at home).

I've tried a couple of websites that offer the capability over the internet. The webpages even refreshed after I had the packets sent saying the packets were sent successfully, yet I'm sitting here surrounded by all of them for easy testing and neither by PC nor my other laptop came on. Anyone have any experience with this? Will I need to just go ahead and install software to make this feasible?

Thanks ahead of time for your time adn assistance.

You need to make some configuration in your internet router to be able to wake your PC over internet. On the site http://wakeonlan.me you can read necessary typical generic configuration for your router and test if it works. Another software solution yo use in your local network is available at http://rshut.com

I have done this before with PXE boot its a bios feature and a domain controller so that computer turn on 1hr before everyone rrives for work to save electricity can you sget a copy of windows server and a spare machien to run it on, it can be virtual if you need.