I have 2 subnets on my network, 192.168.10.x and 192.168.30.x.

192.168.30.x can ping .10.x and print from the printers on .10.x but 192.168.10.x can not ping or print from the other subnet (.30.x)

192.168.30.x --- GW -

192.168.10.x ----- GW -

Does anyone have an idea what am doing wrong? Thanks

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You need to set up the routing tables on .10.x to access the .30.x subnet. Are you running Windows, Linux, or OSX?

I am running Windows

Ok. I think you need to configure your network router(s) then and how you do that depends upon the make/model. This is about as much help as I can give right now - sorry.

Hello fancytee,
Are these two different routers, or one router with 2 interfaces? What model of router/s?
Please follow this steps to troubleshoot.
Ping the gateway for the 192.168.30.X network i.e from a host on 192.168.10.X?
If the ping is successful, please confirm if network address translation(NAT with overloading) is enabled on the router/interface( If that's the case, then you would be unable to share printers with the 10.X network because connection requests can only be created from inside the 30.X network.
If you want to allow free communication between the two networks, you'll need to disable NAT. But I suspect you need it because you are accessing the internet from the 30.X network??

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