hi, could someone walk me thought on how to set up my home network? Everything is connected, i have a D-Link DI-524 Wireless router.

i have a laptop with windows xp home and a desktop with windows xp pro that i want to connect to this network.

the laptop will connect wireless, the desktop will connect via ethernet.

i'm wondering if someone could help me in connecting the two computers together. or is that impossible.

thanks in advance

First im just guessing that your D-Link DI-524 connects your laptop through wireless and your PC is connected on one of the switch ports on the router(if their are any).

So assuming that you have wired up your network porperely then the next step is getting both computers on the right network. If you have a DHCP server (it might be built into your router) then you need to set that up and everything should work. otherwise go into cmd (START RUN cmd) and write ip config on both computers and tell me what it says.

I hope that helps your question wasnt very specific so im not really sure what you need help with.