I just need to know about the recycle bin.In our company the network administrator configure our computers.Why is that he deleted the recycle bin.He actually don't want us to see the recycle bin...what if we delete some file and we uses the shift+del does the network adminstrator see our deleted files?.

So your network admin has a policy in place to hide the recycle bin? this is odd. Is there a written policy or some communication that was provided to you with regard to this configuration?

Nope, there is no written policy on this...does my adminstrator see all the deleted files?and he does not want me to know?

@JorgeM, does he can see my deleted files?

Files inside of a recycle bin are not actually deleted. They are marked by the OS as deleted, but as you know, a user can go into the recycle bin to recover files. When files are actually deleted outside of the GUI or purged from the recycle bin, they are marked by the hard drive as deleted so the hard drive can reallocate the space.

I have never heard of anyone hiding/removing the recycle bin icon, but lets say it's only being hidden, your admin would have to log in as you and un-hide it or log in as an administrator and run software to view deleted files.

So if you are asking if deleted files can be accessed, the answer is technically yes. If the files are on the drive, they can be recovered.

I would wonder why an admin would be interested in your deleted files. I'd that is the case, the admin has too much free time and the business is not wisely using this person as a resource.

There is a lot of free and trial software you can use to view/recover files. Do a quick search.

Hi JorgeM, sorry for the late reply,even i used the shift + del does he cant still accessed it?...I have no idea why this person wants to knows what is my deleted files.

By the way what if i can accessed his account as admin account what would i do in order to put back my recycle bin in my desktop.?can you help me please.

On the Shift-Delete, the only way to recover the file is to run a "File Recovery" program either locally on the computer, or by taking the hard drive out and reading it from another system. As you know, Windows will prompt you by telling you that the file will be permamently deleted. In other words, it is not placed in the recycle bin.

However, as I mentioned before, it is not "wiped" from the hard drive. The OS instructs the Hard drive that the file is no longer needed and should be deleted. The hard drive only marks the space that the file is occupying as available. Until the hard drive writes new data in that space, a file can be recovered with recovery software.

So....for your admin to see your Shift-Deleted files, software would need to be run against the drive, locally, not over the network.

Logging in with a admin account may not necessarily bring back the recycle bin. If the recycle bin is being hidden by group policy, then the group policy object would need to be removed, or a newer policy with higher priority would have to be implemented. You would need to do some research on your end regarding how the bin is hidden.

If you want to ensure that the files are removed from Windows when you delete, continue with the shift delete process.

Hi,Thank you for the reply and helping me specially for the advice..i will write again if i have problem

@JorgeM,sorry for the late reply,...how can i make group policy?

can anyone can recover data from a formatted hard drives??what to learn to do this??is there any technology behind this???please explain this