i am student, that following a course in ICT and i have to do a project using that knowledge. i would like to do that in the computer networking field, because i planning to go ahead in computer network field and that is my expertise area.

so, i want to know from you, "what are the common problems, that facing clients (and admins), in the computer network field"?

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The real answer is how to manage the network in the most cost effective manner, doing more with less. Finding IT solutions that save the business money while empowering users to do more.

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What vendor to use for what purpose. Everybody knows Cisco, but did you know that F5 has a different feature set then the ACE or CSS load balancers? My point is, what is the best product to fit the need of the business.

The other is the wide variety of technologies all bundled up in "Networking". For example, I support Routers, Switches, Load Balancers, Firewalls, VPN Concentrator, WAN Accelerators, IP PHones, Cisco Call Manager, Voice Gateways, Wireless (Controllers with over 1000 AP's). I manage products from Cisco, Brocade, F5, Riverbed. It sounds like a lot, but it's a lot of fun and it's never dull.

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