Hi Dani
I have wifi (wlan modem) in my comapny through my employess use interent. I am just interested to know what have been browsed during the past. Of course my employees deleted the browsed history in therir computers.
Is there chance to get what have been browsed through the modem or the IP address. If yes, please explain
Waiting for your kind help

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simple answer is no you cant ,my opinion ,others may differ

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simple answer is no you cant ,my opinion ,others may differ

It really depends on the wireless router. Each brand of wireless router has a different IP to connect directly to the router. Each router is different but you should be able to check a box to log the sites that were visited and possibly block certain sites.

Generally, the consumer based devices to not logging included as a feature. Simply log into your internet gateway device and take a look at the options. Additionally, visit the vendor's support site to determine if logging is an included feature.

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