01) You are to design a working data center with a PSTN network and convergence to IP. The network being based on an SS7 concept of Digital Networking. Meaning you need to consider a normal PSTN, IP network and a UMTS connection for mobile working force. You will work as a team of two in one group to design the initial network and propose same as a series of simulated network using opnet or any other simulator of your choice You are requested to produce a report with your design with a presentation of your network 02) From Project 1 you are now requested to look at your design of network and build core requirements for policy and required equipment’s and solutions to protect your proposal. At this point you will be required to look at protection, performance of the network and ability to give further Quality Service. Using your previous network simulation you are now required to include your solution in your proposal and test them. A final report with a presentation will be required.

if u can give me any help about these questions u have no idia how big a help

Re: opnet help 80 80

I hope that you really didnt expect that you would post this and someone would provide you with the answers. In addition, the questions reference a network simulation that you were supposed to complete.

If you give it a try and come back with some specific questions, you are more likely to get some help.

Re: opnet help 80 80

@vinotd: "Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments" - them's the rules, please read them and then try again...

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