Hello, I need your help urgently as possible.

I have a server with a game and a website whit some scripts that bind to server.

I do not have static ip and dns I created.
My server starts on 192.168.xx, and leave on 192.168.x.100.
The website was in the same computer, i have in the server configuration scripts 192.168.x.100 connection.

Today I bought a webhost and do not know how bind the website(webhost) whit server(host in my own pc).
I need an example if there is way that:
That is to connect the ip exactly the 192.168x.100.

Please my english is not so perfect but i hope to understand my problem.Help me!

Old situation saveimage1

New situation(impossibile)



You either need to post the files to the server that is up on the web (via FTP or scp) or if you are intent on connecting to your PC then you need to find out what IP address the internet views you at. From a browser connect to Whatismyipaddress.com The 192.168.x.100 address is what is called a public Ip address. 192.168.x.x is used inside private networks and then translated by your router (or modem) to the address that you are getting from your Internet service provider. The web site above will tell you what your real IP address is. You can us Dynamic DNS to point a domain name to your home PC. The link for DDNS wiki site will explain it better than I could.

yes i know all story, but i can not connect website whit server game, this it's the problem. In my own pc website and server work's at 192.168.x.100 whit portforwarding.

I thought that there was a solution like an exemple: or something like this.

You still need to find out what your external ip address is. Once you find out your WAN IP you should be able to have your router redirect traffic to you game servers internal IP. Look for a setting for Port Forwarding or DMZhost on your router. You router should also show your WAN ipaddress. Dynamic DNS servers will handle redirecting a domain to your rotating IP address to your home systems.

Another thing you should consider is that many ISP's give you a much higher download speed than upload speed (example: 1.5MB Download, 512k Upload). Attempting to run a game server from your home may turn out to be limited by those speeds.