Hello Daniweb,

I've been dreaming about server racks recently, and the £800 price tag which goes alongside some of the 19U models. I then found Two Post server racks, which costing about 1/8 of the price is something that I might actually be able to afford!

I've been looking at this one specifically on Amazon (Click Here) however I am not entirely sure how you would go about mounting equipment into it. In the images, the person has just flush mounted it by the ears without any form of support.

Because I am wanting to mount amongst other things, some 2U servers I shall be wanting some form of support on it otherwise it is likely to do some very expensive damage.

If I purchased some shelves (yes, probably costing more than the rack itself), would I be able to mount it at the back so the server is resting on the top of it or do I need to centre mount it?

Thank you

How you proceed really depends on the type of server equipment you plan on mounting. I can tell you that if you try to rack mount servers without any additional rails directly on the post, you are going to be guaranteed of a problem. The shelf option works, because the weight is more evenly distributed. You can get a server to mount if the vendor provides a rail kit for this type of two post design. Even large "network" type appliances may be too heavy without a rail kit or shelf.

This type of post is really meant for the lighter type of equipment such as smaller switches, routers, and cable management products.

Thanks JorgeM,

Shall look into it some more, at least I know the sort of thing I am looking for now.

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