Hi friends,
Generally, i access my internet without using any proxy servers ie my Chrome/firefox/IE always has this option unchecked. Then i ran SecurityKiss Tunnel this one time (on WIN XP2) and it worked fine but then once i closed Security Kiss Tunnel i couldn't connect in either browser, inspite of having my original browser settings, wherein no proxy server option was selected. I reinstalled my Operating system but problem is still esixting.
So currently, i can connect only by using Security Kiss or through any other proxy and not without it, which's consequently affecting my speed esp for torrents.Without Security Kiss or any proxy software my torrents are working perfectly but brower do not work, even not display a single page.
Also, can't be a router issue as it works fine on my other OS.
I generally dont have good luck with forums but hoping u guys can help me out, till then ultrasurf it is.

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Is Chrome Sync'd? SecurityKiss may have made changes in Chrome's settings, and those settings are being reintroduced when Chrome sync's after being reinstalled.

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