i want to creat a long range wifi network in 1 km range

i buy some hardware to do that

1: 2.4GHz 15dBi Outdoor Omni-directional Antenna TL-ANT2415D (Tp-Link)
2: 54M High Power Wireless Access Point
Model No. TL-WA5110G (Tp-Link)

i placed Omni antenna at top of my home about 45feet high and attach it with Access Point with a 60feet long cable,

when i was buying it seller told me i will get 1.5KM range, but i am not getting that range max i get is 300meters , i use usb wifi to recive signals on computers with out door antenna

how i can solve my problem? i need to place my antenna more high or some other problem?

You need to have a high powered antenna on both ends, since each end needs to transmit as well as receive in order to have a valid connection.

There are also other factors, some environmental, that can affect the signal, such as; line of sight, weather, signal interferance.

You would probably do better (assuming you have fixed endpoints) with a parabolic antena (directional) rather than an omnidirectional.

What result are you trying to achieve? Connecting two buildings, or complete area coverage?

i have wireless internet connection in my university dut my dell laptop dont have that driver to excess to network. my laptop have window 8, so tell me how i can download that drive

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@Rakesh8642 That goes for you too, though I doubt you will get an answer to that question on this forum.

honeybee2090: As I mentioned there are several environmental factors that may cause signal interference or black spots. Depending on the geographical features of the area you wish to cover (hills, valleys, trees, buildings, powerlines etc.) you may need to install some repeaters, or have a transmitter that can provide a shaped signal designed to best cover your particular area. There are companies that specialise in this kind of setup, who will come and perform signal analysis and design a custom system for you - depending on how much you are willing to spend of course.

The other factor, which I also mentioned before, is that the transmitter in your typical laptop wifi card is not designed for long range comminication. You will need to cover your whole area with repeaters that are close enough for standard wifi card range, OR add a portable router or high-power transmitter to use with your laptop inside the coverage zone.

Hopefully this all makes sense.