Ok I have been cnnecting to the same website for about 1 and a half years Link Anchor Text but about 3 days ago it started saying that it is not responding but my mates and from the gameing community that I play NGG are all on it I tought it was my comp so I tryed my IPOD sis laptop and ipad mums ipad none of them can connect I have wired but sisters on Wireless I have windows 7

I need help I have tryed restarting my router any idears please I need to get back on this asap thanks

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Are any systems on your local network able to access this site? Outside of the local network, your devices can connect? So then if this is the case, when you are unable to connect, the first thing is to determine if this is a name resolution problem, or if you are unable to get traffic to and from this target site.

When this occurs, open a command prompt from one of the computers, type NSLOOKUP [hit enter], next type in the name of the target host, for example, host1.domain.com [hit enter]. Do you get a response with an IP address. IF so, name resolution is working. If not, you need to fix this problem before moving forward. type exit.

If name resolution is working, from the command prompt type PING host1.domain.com but use the correct host name. Do you get replies, if so, good. If not, not good. If you do not get replies, then run the next command.... TRACERT host1.domain.com, look at the results and see where the last hop is that you can get to. If the last hop is after your router, the problem is not in your network, you would have to contact your ISP.

First, try the name resolution test and report back.


I agree with ITG it does sound like name resolution issue in fact most of the time bar fault network cards and ethernet wire this seems to be the biggest cause of not being able to reach to websites.

Everything he has stated above seems to be the correct path to take to determine if this is the problem.

If name resolution is a problem then try having your DNS address as, and try to access the site

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