Greetings - I am trying to add another pc to my wireless lan but can't get it to connect. Here is what I've got:

Modem connected to XP Pro Core2duo

Dlink Gamer Lounge Router DGL 4300

1 Windows 7 I3 TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Adapter
2 Windows XP Pro core2Duo - Dlink DWA 510 Wireless G Desktop Adapter
3 Asus Laptop EEE 900HA XP Pro

These three are secured by pc #2's Dlink software. The fourth pc is an XP Pro dual core with a Dlink DWL G510 Adapter. It seems this adapter is no longer supported but has been working OK in the past on pc #2. Since I can't get it to connect to the secure network after many attempts at all of the possible Windows options and settings and Dlink software, I bought a new ASUS USB-N13 Wireless-N Adapter thinking my Dlink card was crapped out. Now I can't get this new adapter to connect either. It finds the secured connection but will not connect. It comes back either with an encryption error or it says out of range. Here is the Encryption - WPA-PSK/TKIP (also known as WPA Personal). The distance is only about 30 feet and one thin wood wall to go through. The unsecured connection I had showed an excellent connection too. When I get these windows, I don't get the screen to put in my secured password. Earlier I had a new un-secured connection on this pc, but it screwed up my secured connections on the other three. So I fixed the secured ones again and now I need to know what the heck this old pc wants. I would prefer to use the old Dlink internal card if possible, but the new USB would be fine too if necessary. Every time I have to do this, it's a struggle to get it done right with all of the various windows to check out for various settings. All help is greatly appreciated.


UPDATE - I been messing with these pc's and finally got them all connected to my new Dlink UN-SECURED connection, so it seems things go to hell when I try to make this connection secured. So there is no problem with any distance between them and the router. One of the original Windows errors was something about encryption. Referring to my original post above, pc #2, #3, and #4 were previously secured before adding the new pc #1, so I'm guessing that the new technology in that pc might be screwing up the older ones. Might just be a setting or something, but I'm not Windows 7 literate yet, so I don't know where to go without screwing up something else. Any ideas on this is appreciated.

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