Hi all, I'm in the process of moving to a new hosting comany - something I've done before - and I'm experiencing a strange DNS related problem .... or maybe it's not a problem?

Basically, yesterday afternoon I changed the DNS addresses for 4 of my domains to point to the new hosting (iPage). Within about 5 hours all 4 domains were working OK on the new hosting, as expected. However this morning 2 of the domains have reverted to showing the content on the old hosting package! I've never seen this happen before so I'm not sure if there's an actual problem or if I just have to wait to see if it resolves itself. Has anyone else had this happen and have any advice?


ps: The Whois data is showing the correct name servers for the domains ( both .co.uk)

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Are you using a DNS assigned by your ISP? Did you get a static IP by your ISP or is it dynamic?
And you answer your question, nop haven't experienced that before, in fact never had any DNS issues

Hi Slavi. I'm using OpenDNS, have done for years. My own IP from my ISP is dynamic. The hosting package is just bog standard shared linux hosting.

What is the TTL for this record in question? You may have updated the value of the DNS records, but if you have a really long TTL, you'll find that the record is cached so depending on which DNS server responds, you'll get different values.

Say the TTL is 24 hours. If this is the case, you would expect that every DNS server is going to respond with the same answer. Say its 7 days... well, if a DNS server has this record cached and you happen to get an answer from this DNS server, it will respond with the cached information.

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Thanks for that JorgeM, it was very informative. I don't do much with domains and just pick up things as I go along, and I'd not come across TTL before so have just read up on it. I've now run DIG against a few nameservers and it looks like the TTL for the problem domains is just 1hr, so not very long.

Looks like the problem I'm having is just when I use the OpenDNS servers - I just chganged my router to automatically obtain a DNS server instead and everything is hunky dory.

Thanks again for the info, much appreciated. I'm learning all the time :)

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