i have a groovy grails application,and i m using tomcat 7 to host it into my localhost..
when i use localhost:8080 i get tomcat screen if i use localhost:8080/route i get my application
at the same time when i use localhost i get wamp screen and it is used to host my php application..
now i want to create a nat to use my grails app outside ,i have zyxel f1000 i created the nat but i can see my grails app i can see only the php app..

Maybe to try editing your localhost so you don't need NAT - instead use diferent IP for diferent hosting accounts, in this case apps (folders)??
I'm not so sure, just suggesting :)

Make sure the ports you forward are correct. Also, is you app listening on the right ports? For example, if it is listening on local host:8080 you need to make sure it is also listening on IP:8080.

Based on what you describe, other ports might need to be forwarded.

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