This may be similar to some of the dead threads here. Because of limited bandwidth available by my only "HI SPEED" provider (Frontier 3mb max) I elected to go with a 2nd DSL line from them to maybe speed things up a bit. Now I have 2 x 3 mb DSL lines. I have VOIP and security cameras on one of them that are monitored off site and partially because of that, it slows that DSL connection down. Now I have some computers that are used for "normal" applications on the 2nd line. I would like to be able to access the other DSL network from the recently installed 2nd one for a number of reasons by a 2nd direct connection that would eliminate swapping cables. I have a "Dynamic DNS" service for the other setup but connecting that way uses bandwidth from both routers. As a side note, I have a NAS that has two ethernet connections. Is it possible to connect it to both routers? (based on the "quality" of some of the answers to others I have seen here, I am reluctant to contribute financially until I see a useful answer. Sorry.

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You need a router sitting between the 2 DSL drops and your internal network.

Inside you run 2 subnets, and Rrouter interface is and which will serve as the gw for each subnet. Get a router that can do policy based routing and you can send all traffic that originates from 1.0 to DSL drop 1 and all traffic that originates from 2.0 to DSL drop 2.

Linksys had an RVO42 model router years ago that supported dual Internet... probably been replaced with a newer model by now. The trick here is finding a router that will route based on source IP.

You can use loadshearing feature available in router as discrided by CimmerianX but on computer you need a sofware Connectify Dispatch to add up to internet connections. This SW is paid so you need to get licence to do.

Normaly with any DSL connection you need to reside or stay with the range of your provider to get high bandwidth.any way this is one of the drawbacks of DSl.

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