i am facing a great problem to hide my mac address. Well my problem in brief is, my isp authenticates me by my ip and mac address, now any person with a ipscanner can detect my ip and mac address. So by cloning my ip and mac address they are able to use my net connection. I am getting damn slow network speed.
Please help me out.
nb: I have tried a number of softwares viz:HIDEMYMAC,HIDEMYIP,ZONEALARM.. etc but still the ip scanner is able to trace my ip and mac.

Thanks in advance..

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you cant hide your MAC. Its not possible. You can change it but not hide it.

i too don't think you could hide your mac but prob ip address by using some ip spoofing tools available on the internet....
suggestions look for such tools which promises you that you could change your source ip and that is what is you require....
pappu r.

that doesnt help his problem.

contact your isp

I dont think so you could hide your mac but you can use mac address filter to hide u r ip address.
it will enables you to specify the mac address that will be allowed to connect to the wap and even if someone collects all the information necessary to coonect to the wap but if their mac address is not permitted they still cannot connect.

the mac is supposed to authenticate to your modem at home. does the imaginary hacker have that modem too? that's in the case of dsl.
with cable it's even easier - the modem is just a final peer on your line.

no i have solved my problem by using zone alarm pro, any thanks all of you for your kind suggestion.. thanks all..

This is just additional post

You guys are dumb :).. The ONLY way to change MAC address is to change network adapter wnich costs money . By "changing" (as you guys are saying) MAC address it will just HIDE (not change) your real MAC address (yes that one on network adapter) with fake MAC address

how can hide my MAC address i'm able to change it but i need to hide my MAC address if some time i set maunal IP my net work manager Black my MAC address after that i'm not able to conect to the internet please help me in this case

Hide your MAC? Since your MAC is hidden, how you send and receive data from Internet?

i have a problem
the organization in which i works have noted my mac address, whenever i surfs social networking they come to know. is their any way to surf these sites without letting them know

please anybody help...

Your employer does not want you using company resources/time for your personal social networking stuff, that's fair enough. If you do not like it take it up with them or get another job, simple as.

Nobody at DaniWeb is going to help you circumvent those restrictions.


time has passed since these previous answers to these questions. i also wish to hide my mac address from the internet including isp etc because of the government snooping requirements. has any new technology been developed to do this? i am using linux os

You cannot hide a MAC address within the same subnet. MAC addresses are required for layer 2 delivery of packets. No one will see your MAC address outside of the subnet between you and your ISP.

Here is some additional information about packet delivery:

How IP Packets are Routed on a Local Area Network | Video Tutorial

In terms of the government, I currently use Technitium MAC Address Changer V6 and Platinum Hide IP. My IP Address is changed, and according to my computer via command prompt and the internet, my MAC address is registered somewhere in China. It works to some level of security. T-MAC is free and Hide IP I torrented. Hope this helps :)

i just want to know that is it possible to hide our connection(as a mobile host) on router

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