Hi All,

When I am at home, I use Static TCP/IPv4 Setting. But when I come to my office, I have to change it to IP address automatically.

The problem is it doesn't save the static TCP/IP setting. I have to daily type the static details when I come back to my home. This I find very irritating.

please help. Is there anything that I am missing here.


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Sounds to me like this is working fine. When you switch from static to DHCP for your office, the static entries are gone. When you switch back from DHCP to static, then you must enter the info again. That's just the way it works.

Question: At home, instead of a static, can you do a DHCP reservation instead? that way you just stay on DHCP all the time.

either that ^ or save your configuration in a file then copy/paste rather than typing it but I also think going for dynamic at home would be the best solution

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