Are there any cloud based services or maybe even something with regards to cPanel; whereas I have a GUI to view strictly what is on my NAS such as media files and the like ?


In order to answer your question we need a little more information. Are you referring to NAS storage that is connected to a web server (you mentioned CPanel) that is available on the internet or are you referring to a NAS storage device at your home behind the router that connects to your ISP.

Hi, I'm referring to a NAS storage device that is at home behind a router. I want to know if there is any service or method to which I can view via the cloud, the media files or any files for that matter as if I'm using a Cloud Service like OneDrive instead it's a NAS ?


You have several options provided your router allows for a DMZ host or something along those lines. If you point the DMZ host to your NAS you could access it the same way you access it locally. You can attach to a system that is behind your router and then point the DMZ host toward that system. There are also services like this one:

DMZ host is not secure from my knowledge; unless tying in an IP for example from increases security so not as everyone can access or compromise ones NAS ?

Otherwise if tying in another IP does not help with security, I assume that is why you recommend OwnDrive ?