AMY Networks is a consultancy business that designs, installs and operates networks for clients in the Higher Education Sector. As one their project leaders you have been asked to responding to an ITT (Invitation to Tender) for a network design, installation and operation for a new building in a Computing School. The network will include providing services for classrooms in the form of computing labs and lecture theatres as well as staff offices.
The ITT document is included with this ICA. The tender that you produce in response to the ITT should take the following form.

Part 1 - Design 45%
You need to respond to the ITT with following documents: -

•   Logical Design Diagram

• Associated Design documents
o IP decisions (v4 or v6)
o Subnet designs
Part 2 – Design Report 45%
The report must provide a description for the design and all of the decisions that you have made in the process of developing the design. This will include a discussion of the technologies and protocols that you have decided to use.

Part 3 – Presentation 10%
Marks will be awarded for the overall presentation of your work. Your work should be of a professional standard.

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This looks like homework. Homework that has been copy/pasted directly from the assignement description.

What Begginnerdev said, but since you havent' asked any questions, what is the point? :rolleyes:

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