Most of us know how Symbolic links work, they point to another file or folder on the system. Symbolic links don't work with network folders. You can create a symbolic link on a networked folder to point to a local drive. The result is you point the local folder to the network drive, instead of the other way around. I'm looking for a similar method that works, the other way around ?

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"Map network drive" if you are windows user, or open network folder and then save bookmark if you are linux user.

Map network drive from a local folder to a networked folder ? That doesn't sound as if it will do equal to that of a symbolic link, equal but not the same obviously.

Hello Siberian. We've chatted a bit about what you wanted and to me the MAP to a drive letter is pretty good to know about.

HOWEVER you have written a bit and in my view you are after a way to mirror files in two locations. Neither map or symbolic links do that.

Let's hope you think all this over and look into sync apps.

@rproffitt - What sync apps do you recommend ?

@Siberian, I think I listed them before but if I don't write the same list it's because it's late.

For Windows, Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier, Syncback, SyncToy and the always popular "write your own sync."

@rproffitt - I was hoping I could do this within Windows but as you mentioned a sync program is the only solution. I'm diving into that currently.

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