i can connect to the network but it won't let me browse the internet. what should i do?

Hi kid220, wlecome to DaniWeb :)

When posting a question or problem here, please provide as much specific information regarding the problem as possible in order for us to help you most quickly. In this particular case, having the following information would help us:

1. You said: "i can connect to the network". What exactly does this mean? How are you verifying that fact? Describe your network setup in more detail please.

2. Is this a new network/Internet setup, or is this a case of a new problem occurring on a setup that worked previously? If the setup did work at some point, give us details/history on anything that was done to the system around the time it stopped working.

3. What exact errors do you get when you try to reach the Internet?

4. Did you run the router setup software? If so, what exact results did you get?

5. You'll need to determine whether the problem lies with computer's network configuration or with the router's configuration. Netgear's manuals are very complete and informative; you will find connection/configuration and troubleshooting instructions in the 614's manual, which can be viewed here.