The long story

I have a network with 4 computers running win 98se

I restored the bios settings to "load Bios defaults on one machine, now it can't ping other machines.

What ive tried

Checked the Hub to verify all other machines. All but one machine can communicate with each other. The other machine sees no one but itself.

What I have tried
1. Checked IP and subnet
2. Changed Cable
3. Pinged the loobback address. (Sucessful)
4. Pinged the machines own IP address (sucessful)
5. Changed power supply
6. Changed mother board
7. Reloaded Windows
8. Checked to make sure all bios settings are the same as other machines

So far any time I try to ping any other machine I get this message
"Request timed out"

I get the same message when I try to ping the troubled machine from any other machine.

Any suggestions no matter how trivial they seem would be greatly appreciated

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What model motherboard is it? Is it an onboard or a PCI NIC? Have you tried another NIC in the system? Have you tried plugging the cable into another port on the hub?

There are still a number of things that could be going on here...

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