Hi all, I am having an interesting issue with remote desktop. I found a similar posting here at the forums, but no one had replaid to the post!!. This is my issue:

When I try to connect to through remote desktop, I get the login screen... I type the username and password and then i hit enter.. the screen remains at the login screen as if trying to connect and after few seconds it disapears. I get no error mesages and nothing in the event log. This error occurs no matter which computer I connect from and strangely enough, I can remote from the PC (that I was trying to remote to) to any other one at work... any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Are you using Remote Desktop Connection from windows?

I would not recommend that. I use Logmein for remote control from anywhere on the internet. It's a free service and it's really usefull. http://logmein.com

If you just want to remote control on a lan then I would use realVNC, it's free and it'll get the job done. http://realvnc.com

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