I just moved and thought it would simple to unplug the computer, router and then plug back in to a cable modum supplied by digital cable company and have a wireless connection. Not so. The computer was previously wirelessly connected to the internet using the same router and actually the same cable provider but we had to get a new cable modem box since I left the old one for use at the old house. The Linksys router was not plugged into a computer but only the cable modem. The only difference now is a new home and thus a new cable modem box. I plugged the router into the modem box and I can pick up the internet on a laptop with no problem. It found several wireless networks in fact! But I cannot get on the internet from the PC. Please give me really easy instructions on how to do this. I have looked for the original instructions which came with the router but have not found the box yet in all of the moving boxes!!! I am not particularly computer savy and thank you in advance for making this as simple as possible.

Are you sure that your laptop is connecting to your network? If it is, then it will only add to the confusion, so verify that the connection is between your laptop and router.

Next, make sure that the router is set up properly. Most ISPs give you a dynamic IP address obtained via DHCP, so in the settings panel in the router configuration, make sure that IP address is DHCP (and there's usually no hostname needed). After setting everything to the settings provided by your ISP, make sure that the router shows everything alright under the WAN status page. If anything's amiss, double-check everything.

Once you're sure that your router is properly recieving and sending packets to your cable modem, you need to worry about the internal network. Ideally, the router should be assigning DHCP IP addresses to all the computers, and in the computer configuration, they should all be expecting it (NO static IP addresses).

Everything should be working by now. If you can't get the router to communicate properly to the cable modem, you should get your ISP's technical support, as you're paying for their Internet.

Hope this helps

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